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birthday photo gift for my brother turning 55

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so it dawned on me that my boyfriend’s birthday is in less than a month and (a) I have no idea what to get him and (b) I have no money with which to get him anything.. um.. this could possibly be something of an issue.. Last night I spend hours looking for cake recipes for my b-friend’s birthdays which is next month ( and mine is in like 2 weeks, holy fuck) and came up with the best idea ever, put all his favorite shit in one big ass cake full of yummy goodness. It’s going to be absolutely epic and super unhealthy! So that’s one of my birthday presents for him, but the recipe is a secret :) Apart from that, I don’t have a clue what to give him as a formal present D: Also, should I cook him a nice lunch? I think I might be spoiling him too much.

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