What are some good 17th birthday gift for boyfriend of 6 months?

Personalized 17th Birthday Gift for 17 year old boyfriend What to get 17 year old boyfriend for his birthday?

I know this is a random question, but I'm just curious. I am 16 and my boyfriend is 17 year old. He loves art, play sports like football, basketball, and cross country. We started dating of six month so I honestly have no clue what to get him. His birthday is in February so I also have to think about a birthday present. I know he'll like whatever I get him but I would like some suggestions. I want it to be nice and personal. I want it to be memorial that could last…. I want it to be soul touching I want it to make my boy happy on his special day and give him a birthday present that he will never forget! Thanks!

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You have to give him a memory, something from the heart. Unique art birthday gift is the best present. You should give him pictures of when you and him are together printed on canvas. Or better - art picture from photo. If you need an original gift try photoartomation.com They convert photo into art and print it on canvas. I sent them my favorite picture of my boyfriend and me and they made several preview samples of altered photos for my consideration. All of them were perfect. I chose one of them I liked the most and order a canvas stretched print. That was awesome! My boyfriend was very, very touched and pleased when I gave it to him as birthday present.

Personalized Birthday Gift for Boyfriend

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  1. Awesome!! I am very pleased with the photo collage I received from Photoartomation Art Studio